What makes us different?

Much of what makes us different can be attributed to the age-old, historic AMIE education scheme. We offer engineering training without the hassles of an entrance examination. Engineering without entrance and engineering at the lowest fees – that is what we offer. If you have the desire, we will lighten up your path.

Unlike traditional engineering courses, we offer the students a chance to actually study the subject before choosing an engineering discipline. This is something that can be offered only by an AMIE institute. If you are not a high-school pass out, then this distinctive feature will let you clear your options on ‘Which are the courses after diploma’ and ‘Which are the engineering courses for working diploma holders’?

The history of AMIE engineering colleges  starts with the Institution of Engineers or IE. The IE was established in 1920 with the aim of ‘promoting and advancing the science, practice and business of engineering’. And that is one motto that AMIE engineering courses  have stuck by. With a long history of educational expertise and global recognition, for any engineering aspirant, an AMIE degree course has become the best option.

Are you a class 12 pass out who failed to clear your engineering entrance? Or Are you a diploma holder confused about your future prospects?

Fret not! An AMIE is your most viable option and here’s why. You don’t have to worry about clearing your entrance examinations as AMIE offers you engineering without entrance. There might be engineering institutes offering B.Tech/B.E courses for the non-rank holders, but they all have exorbitant donations. An AMIE degree course not only offers you the option of engineering without entrance, but also promises you engineering in low fees. Being the only globally recognized body that offers engineering without entrance and engineering in low fees, joining an AMIE engineering college will no doubt be your best choice.

If you are a diploma holder and have been spending sleepless night mulling over ‘Which are the courses after diploma’, we’ll offer you your list of choices. You can choose to get a lateral entry into the 3rd semester of any B.Tech or B.E engineering course. The disadvantage in choosing this option is the fact that you will be a little lost when you initially join, as you will have already missed out a year of the engineering education, which you will have to study alone. Your next option to the question of ‘Which are the courses after diploma’, is to do a part time entry to Bachelor of Engineering courses in various technical institutes. But this being an engineering degree in small duration will have its inherent disadvantages.

Although engineering degree in small duration is good for people looking to complete their course fast and find a respected profession they can earn a living with, any engineering degree in small duration also entitles you to a reduction in the amount of knowledge you gather. So always think twice when you opt for an engineering degree in small duration. Your third option is to be an Associate Member of the Institute of Engineers or simply put, to join an AMIE college. And there are multiple reasons why you should opt for this choice. If you choose an AMIE , you get all the advantages of a normal B.Tech or B.E degree with more. That means, you can opt for an engineering degree in small duration if that is what you really want. In addition to the engineering degree in small duration , you also get to be part of an AMIE course that has almost a century of experience and tradition and is recognized globally. You get to do part time engineering courses, if you cannot dedicate all your time on engineering education.Although part time engineering courses again hold the disadvantage of you not devoting your whole attention to it, if you are a hard worker, you can be as good as or better than any engineering graduate. So be it part time engineering courses or engineering in small duration, an AMIE offers both.


Quality and reliability are of the utmost importance at Arizona and that is how it is benchmarked against other AMIE engineering colleges. So, let’s only get the ball rolling before it’s too late.

Branches offered

Arizona offers the following the branches of engineering without entrance: