Scope Of AMIE (Opportunities After Completing AMIE)

Like all engineering courses, you can try for an engineering job or choose to opt for higher education. AMIE  just provide you with a wider range of options to choose from. You will, by default, be part of the prestigious chartered engineering  right after the completion of the course and you will also be able to choose from pursuing your higher education with the Institute of Engineers or with other Educational bodies.

An AMIE graduate can choose the teaching profession if he wishes. There are no restrictions on what engineering field he can or cannot choose. After completing an AMIE degree course, a student has the freedom that a B. Tech graduate has. Teaching, incidentally, is also one of the best options for an AMIE graduate as AMIE education is a rigorous process of moulding an engineering prodigy out of any student. Hence, with the strong academic background, AMIE institutes in Kerala tailor students into immensely knowledgeable engineers.

Although terms like Engineering without entrance and  ‘Engineering in low fees’ can make the AMIE degree courses  seem like a far cry from a worthy engineering option, it is in fact a highly appreciated and valued certification from one of the oldest and most prestigious educational bodies of the world – the Institute of Engineers and It is highly recommended to grab an AMIE engineering  for anyone who pursues a great engineering career.So a person who is confused about which are the courses after diploma can without hesitations take up these prestigious courses to plan their career to heights.