Listing out all the reasons why an AMIE degree course has been described as an ‘Engineering degree without regular classes’ or ‘Distance Engineering Education’ can be a bit difficult. But we’ll highlight a few key points. One of them is the fact that since the competition is less in AMIE institutes, each student is given special, individual attention by the tutors. Since more time and effort is spent on each student, the students have a better grasp of the engineering disciplines than their counterparts in other educational institutes.

Since the AMIE coaching centers are just that, students attending the program have the freedom to not opt for the AMIE Section B registration, if they find it not to their taste.

Another feature that sets apart AMIE education  is the fact that students opting to seek AMIE engineering admission do not have to clear the entrance examination. AMIE being equivalent to engineering without entrance, students who have been unlucky in their entrance examination performance and still have a passion for engineering are given a new hope.

It is also an engineering in low fees, which enables the financially backward sections of the society to approach engineering without fear of having to find solutions to pay a hefty fee.