All things considered and as compared to that of B.Tech/BE, the syllabus of AMIE is not overloaded or dense at all. There are only 19 subjects on AMIE syllabus (except for the students of Diploma Scheme). The 19 subjects of AMIE are of two sections: 10 subjects of section A and 9 subjects of section B. The 10 subjects of section A are fundamental and the 9 in section B are highly specific to the chosen branch of engineering. Only if all the subjects in section A are completed successfully, will a student be promoted to section B which is known as the phase of specialization.

As section B plays a decisive role in determining and securing the future, one has to choose a major which ideally matches one’s aptitude, without having a bash at any branch of engineering. Therefore, on completing section A from any AMIE institute of engineering, one can take Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE), so as to reach a conclusion on what to choose for section B. Those who successfully complete AMIE engineering are designated as Chartered Engineers (CEs), a highly adulatory position which has been widely approved and admired for the past two centuries.

Those who have already met the minimum entrance requirement for the course are not likely to find it hard to cope with a marginal number of 19 subjects.

The section A of diploma scheme contains only 4 subjects. This is because 3-years diploma in any discipline is supposed to have already sowed the seeds of engineering in them. The subjects in AMIE are only a continuation of the basics of engineering which they have already acquired at the diploma course.

Distant learners can take 6 years at the longest for the completion of the course. This long duration is another merit of AMIE against B.Tech/BE.