What is AMIE?

The Associate Member of the Institution of Engineers is the world’s largest, multi-disciplinary professional engineering society. It has over a million members in India alone. It is a Bachelor’s degree in engineering awarded by the Institution of Engineers. It is one of the oldest, most traditional and most recognised educational bodies, the world over. AMIE was more prevalent until the advent of B.Tech. In present times, although it is relatively less known, AMIE is still one of the most established and known degrees globally. AMIE is also one of the only ways to be a chartered engineer in India, directly after degree.

Is AMIE a certified body?

It is, very definitely.All you have to do is, visit the official website of the Institute of Engineers: www.ieindia.org for a detailed study on the tradition and credibility of the AMIE engineering course. Every detail from the inception to the current working of the institute is available in the website. The information provided in the website will also help you with the AMIE registration. In addition to being engineering without entrance, AMIE is also the best higher option for diploma holders.

How difficult is the syllabus of AMIE degree course ?

Although AMIE courses  are generally thought to be difficult to clear in examinations, the certification afterwards is highly valued. With the Arizona Institute of Engineering and Technology being one of the best AMIE coaching centres in Kerala, clearing your AMIE examinations will become a breeze, especially for students wishing for Engineering degree in small duration. In addition to being valued, the course content of the AMIE syllabus is unbelievably more compact than normal engineering degree syllabi. The number of papers you have to learn is definitely less. If you want to know more about AMIE engineering admission, all you have to do is logon to www.ieindia.org and learn about the admission procedure.

Can a graduate of any AMIE engineering college or AMIE distance education attend the GATE examination?

Of course! A candidate who has graduated from any AMIE engineering college is no different from other engineering graduates. They can only be more valued. In fact, it is more advantageous to do an AMIE degree course than normal engineering degrees, as a student attending an AMIE can appear for the GATE examination right before AMIE Section B registration in Kerala.

Does the AMIE education entail more of practical or theoretical education?

AMIE education is more about theoretical excellence than practical know-how. But this does not mean that the AMIE education is completely devoid of any practical experience. The syllabus does cover the essential basics of practical training and also a major final year project. This will require the student to bring together all that they have learned throughout their AMIE education and fuse it to bring forth an excellent idea.